Model ATEM

The air pollution dispersion model ATEM

The air pollution dispersion model ATEM

The air pollution dispersion model ATEM is defined as a comprehensive tool for air quality evaluation on a regional scale. This model allows an assessment of the pollutants load in given region in accordance with legislation of the Czech Republic and European Union directives.

The model is designed so that the results correspond to the requirements of the Act No. 201/2012 Coll. (the Clean Air Act).

The model ATEM is determined to support decision making of public administration and management of air quality in areas of interest. The Government Decree No. 330/2012 Coll. (Annex 6) assigns the model ATEM as a reference method for calculation in urban and rural areas. The model is designed for processing of dispersion studies for purpose of the Clean Air Act.

The air pollution dispersion model ATEM is based on US EPA model Industrial Source Complex (ISC2). The model has been developing for long time in accordance with new knowledge in the field of transportation and air pollution dispersion modeling.

The presented methodology comes (by used approach for calculating the characteristics of the pollution) from a group of so-called Gaussian dispersion models. It is a widely used class of models which are suitable for processing the dispersion studies because of their relative undemanding character of inputs.
The model has been used for a modeling of a spread of pollutants from pollution sources and for the air quality assessments on a wide range of the spatial levels.




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